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Loan Origination

  • Data import (application drag&drop, direct via API, submission form, bulk upload, manual entry)
  • Specific loan types (purchase, refinancing, commercial, construction, fix & flip)
  • Interest types (interest-only, principal & interest, escalating, VRM, capitalized, accrued)
  • Customizable fees
  • Compliance reports
  • Automated title requests
  • Automated appraisal requests
  • Payment schedules for borrowers and investors
  • Custom conditions
  • Custom document generation (term sheets, title company instructions and distributions, and more)
  • Document storage & upload (upload portal, broker document transfer, upload via a white-label URL)
  • Origination reports
  • Document Upload Portal
  • 3 custom documents (additional for a fee)

Loan Servicing

  • Borrower/Investor/Broker – ACH/Check printing
  • Mid-deal investor replacements
  • Payment deferrals and capitalization of interest
  • Additional loans & draws
  • Partial paydowns
  • Renewals & renewal documents
  • NSF tracking & alerts
  • Default rates & fee options
  • Payouts (incl. statements, instructions, per-diem calculations, distribution of fees, and more)
  • Auto-emailed investor statements
  • Servicing reports
  • Accounting (annual statements, profitability reports, 1098/1099s, accrual/aged A/R, A/P, and more)
  • 3 custom documents (additional for a fee)


  • Fixed / Floating Share/Unit price tracking
  • NAV calculations
  • Shareholder payment frequency tracking
  • DRIP/Reinvestments tracking
  • One-time payout calculations
  • Management fee calculations
  • Shareholder ACH
  • Shareholder statements
  • Trust accounting
  • Compliance & reporting
  • Monthly Trust / IRA reinvestment/payout reports
  • Foreign investor tax calculations


  • Borrower Portal
  • Investor Portal
  • Broker Portal
  • Individualized dashboard
  • Text message alerts
  • Email integration
  • Task tracking & scheduling
  • Sales Rep view
  • Email marketing exports

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is Yes. The truth is – it depends! Migration is never a simple transfer and extreme care must be taken to ensure all the numbers are correct. When we can’t automatically import, we will provide import templates that you can use to get your data into Mortgage Automator. Our technical support team provides assistance in data migration from all major systems, and with personalized on-boarding we ensure things are done properly.

Very. In fact, we’ve carefully designed bank-grade security measures to make sure you use Mortgage Automator with confidence. We use a combination of 256-bit TLS end-to-end encryption, layered gateways, n-factor and evolving key pair authentication tokens, while encrypting the physical data storage that exceed every security standard. Additionally, we took every measure possible to prevent any down time in case attacks do occur.
Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

Our customer success team helps you customize Mortgage Automator’s functionality and documents to not only match, but also improve, your existing processes. Personalized training is provided during on-boarding and supported with additional weekly webinars, training manuals, how-to videos, and exceptional on-going support. The step-by-step set up ensures that the learning curve is short, but support and additional training is always available!

We are so confident that you will love Mortgage Automator, that we made it absolutely risk free! Even after on-boarding and customization, you can cancel at any time. If you paid annually to take advantage of additional savings, we ask that you give us a month’s notice so that we can refund you.
Please read over our terms & conditions for more info, or give us a call at 416-477-5507