Loan Origination

Build a sales funnel, automate and manage tasks, and organize your private lending
business with our complete loan origination feature set.

Data Import

  • Application Import (Drag and Drop)

    • Filogix
    • Lendesk
    • Custom
  • Filogix Connection (brokers submit)

  • Direct via API

  • Through a submission form on your website

  • Bulk Upload

  • Manual data entry

Loan Types

Each loan type has different documents, conditions, draw schedules, and more. We help you customize your documents and processes for every kind of loan.

  • Purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Commercial

  • Construction

    • Milestones
    • Multi-unit breakdown
    • Ability to convert to standard loan
  • Fix and Flip

    •  Repair Schedules

Interest Types

No matter how you structure your deal, we have an option that’s right for you.

  • Interest-only

  • Principal & Interest

  • Escalating

  • VRM

Custom Fees

Create as many standardized or optional fields as you need.

  • Distribute fees to investors, brokers, etc

  • Pay at funding or first payment date

  • Commercial

  • Estimated fees

  • Spread between a number of regular monthly payments

Payment Schedule (for borrowers)

Borrowers can pay in different ways:

  • Semi-Monthly

  • Monthly (always on the 1st or flexible)
  • Quarterly

  • Prepaid (partly or fully)

  • Accrued / Postponed (until next draw)

  • Capitalized

  • Interest adjustment paid at funding or regular payment date

Custom Dashboards

  • Build and modify your own Kanban workflow
  • Create custom cards with the fields that are specific to your lending practice

Payment Schedule (for investors)

  • Full or partial interest

  • Sub-investors

  • A-B-piece

  • Spread revenue

Standard Conditions

Standardize your conditions and make your origination process flow seamlessly for any scenario:

  • Drag-and-drop to change priority
  • Tracking of condition statuses

  • Link to document uploads

Document Storage/Upload

Beyond simple storage, Automator allows your brokers/borrowers to upload documents directly to your system via Portals or unique URLs (no login required)

  • Document Upload Portal

  • Broker Document Transfer

  • Upload via a white-labeled URL

Document Generation

Create and customize as many documents as you need, we provide some templates to get you started and help you customize the rest:

  • Commitment (Canada)
  • Term-sheet (US)

  • Lawyer instructions (Canada)

  • Title Company instructions (US)

  • Lawyer Distribution calculations (Canada)

  • Title Company Distributions (US)

  • Admin/Servicing agreements

  • Renewal docs

  • Discharge/Payout statements

  • Discharge/Payout distribution instructions


Compliance documents take minutes and even seconds to create with saved, pre-filled templates. If we’re missing a compliance form, just let us know, we’ll add it!

  • Form 1, 9, 10, Borrower Disclosures, Investor Disclosures

  • Saved Templates

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