Designed for lenders, by lenders.

Mortgage Automator was started in 2013 as a simple document generating tool for a small private lender in Toronto, Canada. The idea was to relieve the company from their redundant day-to-day tasks, and instead help them concentrate on growing and managing their business. It worked so well that the product was made available to everyone in the industry!

Since then, the software has evolved significantly to encompass every possible feature and account for all the unique lending scenarios. Mortgage Automator was officially re-launched in 2019 and won the Supplier Innovator of the Year Award from the Canadian Mortgage Awards of Excellence the same year!

It continues to evolve, with new features added weekly, yet at its core – Mortgage Automator is a cloud-based CRM that fully automates a private lending business of any size: from document generation, compliance and reporting, to helping manage investor relations.

Our Core Beliefs