Loan Servicing

Save time on your loan servicing processes and prevent human errors by
automating calculations, alerts, payments, and more!

Borrower/Investor/Broker Payment Options

Paying or getting paid, we have all the possible options to make your day-to-day payments a breeze:

  • Post-dated cheques

  • Cheque printing (Canada)

  • Check printing (US)


    • Auto-generated
    • Warnings and Alerts
    • Auto removal for discharged loans

Mid-Deal Investor Replacements

Go on a deal first and add investors later or replace any investors mid-deal because they want out, Mortgage Automator has you covered:

  • Unlimited investor replacements at any time of the loan
  • Automated Interest Adjustment Calculations

Partial Paydown

Borrower paying out one of the collateral properties, or a multi-million dollar payout proportionally spread between all your investors:

  • Automated distribution

  • Any date and time

  • Collateral/Blanket Discharges


Create as many standardized or optional fields as you need.

  • Renewal Fees paid

    • At renewal
    • Upon discharge
    • As added to Principal
    • Spread across any number of payments
  • Custom Renewal Conditions

  • Prepayments at Renewals

  • Ability to change Interest Types

Additional Loans/Draws

Extend additional funds or draws at any time

  • Ability to tie draws to Milestones / Repair Schedule

  • Add custom fees

  • Existing or new investors

NSF Tracking

  • Batch or individual entry

  • Automatic SMS/Text message alerts to borrowers

  • Custom NSF Fees


Discharge loans in seconds, with all the per-diem calculations, distributions and even accrued interest automatically done for you:

  • Discharge / Payout Statement

  • Discharge / Payout Instructions

  • Per-Diem calculations

  • Additional Fee Options

  • Distribution of Fees

Investor Statements

Beautiful custom branded monthly statements with meaningful information sent automatically to each investor:

  • Monthly auto-emailed statements

  • Customized letterhead & content


Meaningful reports to eliminate manual processes and give you a complete oversight of the business:

  • Customizable/filterable loan statuses

  • Batch letter generation (in separated or single file for easy printing)

    • Investor Statements
    • Property Insurance Expiry letters
    • Property Tax letters
  • Borrower / Investor / Shareholder Payment Reports

  • Monthly Deal Tracker

    • Deals reviewed, terminated, committed, funded, etc.
  • Maturing Loans (30/60/90 days)

  • Prepaid Interest / Holdback Distribution Reports


At Mortgage Automator, we ensure that you can dive deep into the data and understand exactly what is happening in your company. Every number is clickable to reveal further components and data.

  • Annual Borrower Statements

  • Annual Investor Statements

  • Investor T5s (Canada)

  • 1098s, 1099s (US)

  • Accrual A/R and A/P Reports

  • Lender Income Reports (P&L)

  • Operating & Trust account ledgers

  • Integration with QuickBooks

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