Flexible Loan Servicing Software for Private Lenders

Save time on your loan servicing processes and prevent human errors by automating calculations, alerts, payments, and more!

Key Servicing Features

  • Post-dated checks
  • Check printing

  • Auto-generated ACH/EFT

  • Automated warnings and alerts

  • Credit card payments

  • Extension fees (multiple payment options)

  • Custom Extension Conditions

  • Prepayments at renewals

  • Ability to change interest types

  • Automated distribution

  • Any date and time

  • Collateral/blanket discharges

  • Replace any investor with another at any time

  • Auto interest adjustment calculation

  • Prepayment forwarding

  • Tie draws to Milestones
  • Add custom fees

  • Existing or new investors

  • Batch or individual entry
  • Automated SMS notifications

  • Emails to borrowers (with signed NSF letters attached)

  • Custom NSF Fees

  • Payout Statements

  • Payout Instructions

  • Per-Diem calculations
  • Additional fee options

  • Fee distributions/allocations
  • Power of Sale & Foreclosure module

  • Ability to charge interest & calculate accrued interest

  • Record/schedule/request payments

  • Invoicing

  • Credit card integration

  • Monthly auto-emailed statements

  • Customized letterhead & content

  • Payment schedule changes

  • Interest changes

  • Frequency of payments

  • Exportable dashboards (in Excel)

  • Batch letter generation (separated or single file for easy printing)

  • Borrower / Investor / Shareholder Payment Reports

  • In-Progress / Funded / Paid-off loan tracker

  • Maturing Loans (30/60/90 days)

  • Prepaid Interest / Prepayment Distribution Reports

  • Custom reports available
  • Borrower/Investor Statements
  • Reports for issuing 1098s/1099s

  • Aged Receivables/Arrears Report
  • Accrual A/R and A/P Reports

  • Lender Income Reports (P&L)

  • Operating & Trust account ledgers

  • Loan Tape
  • Initial reserve amounts
  • Monthly top-ups

  • Pre-payment of monthly top-ups

  • External payment tracking

  • Reporting

  • Apply reserves towards monthly payments

Customer Recognition*

Why our customers ❤️ Mortgage Automator

Cut our manual process over 60%

Mortgage Automator gave our asset-based lending institution exactly what we needed to grow, and it was made for this type of industry. It is custom tailored for our individual needs not only in front and operations but in back and servicing. This software has allowed us to become paper-free and cut our manual process over 60%.

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Alex Buriak, Jet Lending

Must Have Mortgage Software for Private Money Lenders

Mortgage Automator has done what its name says- Automated my mortgage process. I am able to get paperwork out to Title Companies and Lenders in minutes now rather than hours! And the team has allowed me to customize my documents to meet my needs. All reporting, calculations, payoffs, paperwork are now a push of a button with everything systematized! This product allows me to do what I do best and not worry about the paperwork! HIGHLY Recommend it!!

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Tony Broullire, Good Faith Funding, LLC

Best product on the market

The team behind Mortgage Automator is the best. They are super responsive to all the customers needs. The software is super easy to learn and use and has a wide range of integrations and capabilities.

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Jason Beck, Tricore Capital

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