From $100,000 to $100M in 2 Years

Mortgage Fund Capital Success Story

Mortgage Fund Capital is a private lending company operating in Toronto and Ottawa, together with their brokerage, Keyrate Mortgage. MFC’s focus is private first and second mortgages on residential and commercial properties.

With over 15 years of professional experience, the CEO of both companies, Danny Ibrahim, was named by the CMP magazine as the highest-rated broker in 2021. When he started Mortgage Fund Capital 1.5 years ago, he knew exactly what kind of software he would need for his lending business to thrive.

Know what you need and look for it

MFC tested out 3-4 other software providers on the market. They were looking for flexibility and user-friendliness, but most of all, they were looking to create a personal relationship with the people involved with the software. It was important to be able to have direct conversations and figure out the best customizations to adhere to Mortgage Fund Capital’s existing processes and help them grow efficiently.

After testing out other software platforms over the course of a few months, MFC realized that Mortgage Automator was the only company offering the type of advanced product they were looking for. The software was able to accommodate MFC’s investor needs, their client relationship feature requirements, and it was a great fit for working with their brokerage at Keyrate.

“The only company that stuck out was Mortgage Automator: user-friendly, the Support team, the customizable options that fit our processes at Mortgage Fund Capital. And if I don’t hear any complaints from any of the investors about their statements, it’s the best sign, and I’m very happy with that”, Danny Ibrahim explained why choosing Mortgage Automator was a no-brainer.

Set yourself up for success

When Mortgage Fund Capital was launched, Danny set a goal to achieve $20M in funds managed in two years. Thanks to Mortgage Automator, the company was able to reach $70M and expects to go up to $100M by the year-end. With the help of automation, MFC is able to operate and grow with a small team of three people, in addition to the CEO.

Mortgage Fund Capital is a perfect example of a private lending company that organized the business with efficiency in mind based on the vast industry knowledge, and utilized the best tools to achieve and surpass their goals.