Full Stack Developer

Reports To: CTO | Revision Date: October 2023 | Department: Development

Required Education & Experience
  • Programming languages — PHP, JS(Vanilla) , HTML, CSS,SQL, GO (Nice to Have)
  • 5+ years of full-stack development experience
  • 3+ years in building customer-facing applications
  • Experience working in an Agile framework
  • Experience working with AWS (EC2, RDS, etc)
  • Advanced and extensive knowledge of the business (or organization), technical environment, standards, processes, procedures, programming languages, and operating systems.
  • Readiness and motivation (as senior or lead developer and valued subject matter expert) to address and resolve highly complex and multifaceted development-related issues, often independently.
  • Strength in coaching and advising clients, partners, and project teams.
  • Commitment to and belief in the quality of your deliverables.

Essential Functions
  • Transform business requirements and research into winning delivery solutions that meet performance goals.
  • Rigorously build and test applications
  • Perform systems administration: monitor, configure, back up, authenticate, and tune.
  • Aim for defect-free programming, create and maintain quality code, provide support during testing cycles and post production deployment, and engage in peer code reviews.
  • Contribute to project plans, estimations, and status updates.
  • Identify issues, develop and maintain processes that address and resolve them, (and be sure to communicate/alert stakeholders as needed).
  • Make enhancements and troubleshoot.
  • Configure and develop custom components with technology partners (analysts, developers, designers, etc.) to meet requirements and goals.
  • Ensure applications are free of common coding vulnerabilities (and follow standard security practices).
  • Proactively put forward ideas that speak to project objectives (e.g. development, testing solutions, and tools).
  • Complete unit and integration testing per standards and design specs.
  • Take part in scope assessment, risk, and cost analysis.
  • Respect the technology delivery practices and standards, and project management disciplines.
  • Stay on top of state-of-health monitoring and monthly SLA targets.
  • Apply and share technical expertise during the incident management life cycle (e.g. analyzes reports and outages, perform impact assessments, facilitate stakeholder communication)

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