Senior Back-End/Core Developer

Reports To: CTO | Revision Date: Mar 2024 | Department: Development

Required Education & Experience
  • In-depth knowledge of PHP (hands-on dealing with rounding, floats, time zones, memory consumption, encoding, escaping etc.).

  • 5+ years of practical experience with MySQL – extensive usage of composite indexes, in-depth knowledge of engines, EXPLAIN command, writing efficient queries, concurrent updates, bulk inserts, big data sets etc.

  • Nice-to-have: AWS, system administration, Go language, plain JS, CSS, HTML, procedural programming experience.
  • Nice to have: a degree in finance/banking/accounting. Or lending experience.
The philosophy of the Core team
  • Here on the Core team we take pride in writing our own framework/library instead of using a buggy and inefficient 3rd party library that will restrict us in the future.
  • We focus on low memory consumption and fast performing code.
  • A lot of the time, it’s more about a good idea on how to solve a task rather than coding itself. At the end of the day, nothing beats a well-thought solution and a sense of accomplishment after making a difference.
  • Since we deal with money/numbers/formulas/calculations, ability to focus and rigorous testing are essential. One needs to be meticulous to think about 100s of different scenarios/configs/settings.
  • Communication is the key.
  • You will be placed in a fast paced environment with an abundance of opportunities to grow and wear multiple hats.
  • Informal company culture where the result is rewarded.

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